10 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

People are naturally creative beings, constantly allured by sights, sounds, and senses that ignite their passions and fuel their creativity.

This is the reason why bakers happily wake up to bake bread and pastries, why artists stay up late to finish their passion projects, why engineers continuously think of innovative plans, or why cultural workers explore indigenous peoples to promote their lifestyles.

But it’s not always a sunny day. Come the storms and rains, and we suddenly find ourselves tired, lonely, and unmotivated to find our passions or fulfil our desires.

When that time comes, do not just sit back, fight it and continue to be a creative person!

Here are some 10 ways to fuel and maintain your creativity.

1. Drink Coffee

Your morning cup of joe does so much more than just waking or warming you up. Goethe, Jean Jacques Rosseau, Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, and Alexander Pope swear by its creative properties.

Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee triggers your brain and results to your faster execution of ideas and concepts. While the best ideas are usually extracted from a calm mind, an over-excited mind speeds up your reaction.

What better way to give life to your ideas than a late night coffee session with yourself with a pen and paper at hand.

Go ahead and fuel yourself with caffeine.

2. Daydream

We all had those moments when we are stuck in a boring situation that provoked us to establish inner connections with our true thoughts, resulting in daydreaming.

How many times did we get in trouble for this? Well, don’t regret. People who daydream are more creative and exercise higher forms of intelligence.


Daydreaming boosts creativity by tapping our inner stream of consciousness, allowing us to clearly see our passions and ambitions, our real dreams, our concerns, and our true selves.

So, start daydreaming about the hobby or the passion you have always wanted to pursue. You never know the next big thing or million dollar idea might arise the next time your mind freely wanders.

3. Spend alone time

For some people, silence and inner peace are rare commodities in a world filled with internal and external cacophonies.

Spend alone time

Collaboration and company might be considered as one of the keys to creativity, but isolation gives you freedom from the world’s expectations and responsibilities.

Like a bird who now discovered the joys of flight, being alone allows you to develop your true desires, live your own values, and emulate your personal philosophies.

Most of all, solitary living extracts the rawness of your beauty, art, and emotions.

4. Try A New Hobby

If you want to stimulate your brain and test your skills, trying a new hobby is just the right thing for you. Focusing on new endeavours and looking at new objectives offer you a new purpose and a renewed hunger for success.

After all, being surrounded by the familiar bores us in the long run. What once was exciting has now become monotonous and burdensome.

Try A New Hobby

Remember that the experts were once beginners or that executives have often started at the bottom of the corporate ladder. In the long run, new hobbies could further increase intellectual stimulation which results in innovation, productivity, and grit – the hallmarks of successful writers and other creative personalities.

5. Exercise Openness

Being open allows us to see beyond normal perspectives. Every day’s challenges do not have to be solved using traditional methods. But does everything really needed to be treated in black and white?

Exercise Openness

Find out what works best for you, even if it’s against the norms of society. As long as it doesn’t do anybody harm, harness your creative openness and transform it into your strength.

Look at some writers whose best literary works are products of intoxication, wherein fact intoxication is perceived by society as a harmful thing. Think about the ingenious ideas that could sprout in your head by listening to hard metal music; on the contrary, libraries ban noise as it is perceived to be detrimental to learning.

Exercising openness is the key to unleashing one’s creativity. So break your conformists’ chains and live openly according to your own rhythms.

6. Diversify

Diversity breeds creativity.

Being diverse in terms of your social circles, companies, skills, and thoughts give you more variations to how you view life, bring you newer perspectives to what is usually perceived, widens your cultural understanding and exposure, and when constantly done, it can give you an entirely new personality.


Ever heard about people who finally found their calling even the late stages of their lives? These are the people who never failed to diversify their personal and creative assets.

As for writers, diversifying your skills and assets will allow you to discover which styles and forms suit you the best.

7. Connect with Nature

Exposing yourself in the great outdoors can your quickest way of detoxifying from the stresses and pressures of life. People experience time shifts when they are engrossed in nature trails, mountain biking, river rafting, or beach camping.

This experience pulls away from your inhibitions and entrances you to explore your creative endeavours.

Connect with Nature

Sweden has so much belief in the inter-connectivity of nature, productivity, and creativity that companies are now encouraging its employee to go on nature walks whenever they feel stressed or burdened from work. Nothing beats the powerful creativity of a refreshed and inspired mind.

Take a little stroll or give your little succulent some love if nature is too far from you.

8. Travel

The valuable experiences of travellers are precious gifts forever ingrained in their hearts and minds. When you travel, you see the greatness of the world that you have never seen before; it ignites sensitivity and awareness normally neglected in your safe bubble.

cultural experience

Almost everything about travelling is a creative and artistic, cultural experience. Every flavour you taste is a testament to its people way of survival and celebrations, every weave, fabric, or structure you see is their innovative way of creating something from their existing resources, even their distinct spiritualities dictate how they deal with life’s tribulations or blessings.

Ever had a destination or country you always yearned for? Think about why you always wanted to visit or embrace that country. You could find your passion or yourself there. After all, travelling is one of the most rewarding ways to re-ignite your weary soul.

9. Embrace Imperfections

In a world obsessed with image, power, and perfection, your deviation or rebellion could take you further and reward you in the end. People desire for perfection and mistakes are always frowned upon.

However, perfection can choke other people’s lives and restrict them from exploring better methods, discovering new ideas, and innovating better strategies related to their personal endeavours.

Embrace Imperfections

Thus, instead of frowning on your own imperfections, embrace and accept it. Conquer imperfections through innovation and deliberate practice are healthy ways to achieve mastery.

Remember that you can never be perfect, but you can be of something, and every great master was once an aspiring beginner.

So don’t let failures and imperfections stop you from exploring your creativity and enhancing your passions.

10. Meditate and Connect With Yourself

Meditation and wellness retreats offer you to connect with the universe and with yourself. Concentrating on certain matters improves your emotional wellness by breeding empathy and prolonging attention, boosts your memory, and speeds up your knowledge retention.

In his book “The Alchemist,” Paulo Coelho wrote, “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Connecting with yourself can be likened to connecting to smaller particles of the universe since all of us are simply grains of sand in this majestic and grand universe.

Discovering what you want, knowing what you like, and practising what you’re passionate about allows you to be creative every day of your life.

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