How To Teach English To Primary School Students?

English is a subject that if mastered from the elementary level can cause less trouble to students ahead in life.

If the students master the language at an early level through interesting ways it stays with them for quite a long period.

With this objective in mind, we are here to provide the tutors with some creative ways to teach English to primary school students which are not only absorbed in fun but also are creative and engaging for the students too.

Here are some of the ways through which the teachers can go out of the box and make children learn easily.

1. Phonics

Phonics is a very interesting way in ESL through which the kids can learn easily.

The method includes of correlating the sounds with the symbols for a student to read and write easily without any issue.

Majorly it focuses on relating the sound of the word with a symbol to understand the new words with the patterns of the sound the word creates when it is read.

Many of the schools who adapt to this method while teaching have seen positive results in the performance of students learning English.

It would help them in grasping new words at an early stage.

2. Drama

Another of the very interesting ways to encourage the learners in their primary stage is to make them learn through drama.

All over the world the learning process is done by story-telling for centuries and if the students learn through any kind of story or fiction character they would be able to remember the thing for a much longer period resulting into the primary motive of making students learning English without any trouble and in a creative manner.

It would also encourage them to weave stories at a later stage as their creativity speaks at a later stage.

3. Listening

One of the creative ways to make students learn English is to make them listen to stories in the prose section as well as the poetries in the poetry section of English.

Reading becomes a somniferous task for the children at an early age and often leads to their disliking for reading at a later stage of life.

Instead of that, you can make them listen to stories and poetries with the help of audiobooks available on the internet.

We live in an age where technology is crossing leaps and bounds. So, we must use it for good.

It would also make them a good listener.

4. Images

It is proved that what we read we forget after a while but what we see we don’t forget so easily.

The similar ideology can be applied while making students learn the English vocabulary by relating it to an image of something or a character which will make them easy to learn for the kids and they will be able to remember more words in a short span of time.

This gives them a grip of the language and does not make it a burden on their mind.

Lastly, it encourages them to learn more words due to the level of engagement and anticipation levels in this activity.

5. Singing

One of the interesting ways to make the students learn without any issue and can be adapted to classes by the teachers is to make them sing poetries.

The student can choose any poetry he likes in the book and has to memorise it and sing it in front of the class.

Now, not all the students are brilliant singers.

So, some of them who sing poorly will recognise their mistakes when the teacher addresses them in a creative way by teaching them how to say the particular stanza.

This can create some good humour too.

6. Rhyme Time

One of the very interesting things that teachers can make students learn English is by playing this game in the class wherein the student has to rhyme the words.

Wherein the teacher tells a word and the students have to answer the rhyming word of the word given to them.

This can be done in the group which enhances their team-work and leadership skills too if they are able to work together.

It helps the students to communicate in a better way and remove the enmity or fear amongst them.

7. I Know A Word

This can be a very important key towards making students learn vocabulary.

It can be done in the following manner where the students will be interacting with the teacher in the class where the teacher would be starting the game by telling that I know a word which starts with B and would ask the students that if they know any word starting with B.

The students can answer for the same and can build good learning in the early stage.

Even the game can be played at their homes with their parents.

This would also encourage them to learn more words and remember it for a longer period.

8. I Need A Synonym

This is one of the best activities for the kids to make them remember the concept of synonyms and antonyms.

The activity involves the participation of the students with their teachers in the form of a game.

The teacher has to initiate this game with the students in the class by saying I need a synonym of the word cold for instance.

The students can raise their hands and answer for the same.

This will not make them get bored to remember the synonyms and antonyms and make it a child’s play for them.

Lastly, the parents should be informed of the same by the teachers beforehand so that they too can contribute towards the learning of the students in a new manner by participating in the same at their homes.

There can be also plenty other activities that the parents can do if they wish, to make the students learn English in a new way.

Thus, teaching English to primary students becomes interactive, absorbed in fun and without any boredom. Experience it to see the results!

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