How To Speak English Fluently Without Grammar Mistakes?

It is one of the most embarrassing moments to stand out the odd one in the crowd when you’re unable to have a conversation in English, Isn’t it?

It feels like experiencing a paradox at that moment having every kind of luxury but still unable to fulfil the one need that money can’t buy.

Speaking English, it’s like one of the parameters you have to fulfil if you have to step into the real world and stand out someone who knows something better than the ordinary people.

Well here are some hacks to improve it and stand out the aberrant.


You’ve stepped into the zone where you’re no more ordinary.

As Jeff Bezos quoted that I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.

For speaking English fluently, you must have 3 things properly i.e. vocabulary, grammar and proper uses of phrases.

Once you’re clear with basics, you will be able to form sentences easily without any much of hassle for the language.

Remember, knowing all the rules is helpful towards the next stage of development if you want to look peculiar.


Knowing English basics and all the rules and regulations won’t make you outshine yourself in the crowd.

Initially, if you’re not a person who is comfortable talking to anyone, you need to work on your confidence while speaking so as you don’t fumble.

The very famous quote by Swami Vivekananda says that talk to you at least once a day otherwise…you may miss meeting an excellent person in the world.

It shows that if you’re weak at something, talking to yourself won’t just boost up your morale but will help you to correct your mistakes while delivering the original speech.


If you want to master eloquence listening is not you should be more focusing on.

The more you speak, the more you get a better hold on the language.

Speaking English fluently requires a good teacher too.

We tend to do things taught to us by our elders like you should cut off your nails every 5th day.

If you listen to a native English speaker, it will help you a lot.

You can listen to how he pronounces each word with the high emphasis tone and which he speaks in a low emphasis tone.

You can also listen to other of the things said by the native person like the choice of words he uses to deliver the speech.

This would help you when you deliver something in front of the third person without grammar errors as it would sound natural.


The best way to speak English fluently and to learn it is by speaking it and using it in the day to day life.

When you are a person who learns English but speaks the native language on a day to day basis, it won’t enhance your eloquence.

You must speak in English even though it is tough, but you should not stop having a conversation in English though.

For example, if you learn a new word in English known as chaos which means confusion or lack in clarity of something unless you use the word in the day to day life in your conversation you won’t be able to remember it for quite a long time.

Also, if you don’t use English in day to day life your missing out the part that if you don’t speak, you won’t make mistakes initially and eventually learn from them.


Yes! In the beginning, we told you about learning grammar in a meticulous manner, and now we are telling you not to focus much on it.

Yes, because you got to accept English is a weird language.

In spite of learning all the grammar, vocabulary and phrases still sometimes it’s hard to handle the phenomenon which occurs as an exception in the language.

For example,

The plural of mouse is mice, and that of the house is houses.

So, you cannot judge the language based on the rules and regulations it has provided you.

You have to accept it the way it is.

Another example, there is a sentence which is in a simple present tense but talks about future.

For example, The school reopens on Monday.

Here, the tense of the sentence is present, but it is talking about the future event.

So, you must accept these exceptions and move on rather than moving into an enigma.


The fear of speaking wrong words and phrases and pausing in between while speaking gives us the fear of speaking and we may lose our fluency even after learning so much.

It’s normal to make mistakes as every one of us does at some or the other moment.

This should not encourage us to step back and not let us speak.

Eventually, if you make mistakes and still continue to speak people will understand what you’re trying to communicate rather than thinking about the mistake.

So, you must be ready to make mistakes and learn from them so the next time you speak something you nail it.


Learning is the one thing that makes you a winner from the normal people.

Even after learning everything and making mistakes if you can master the skill of eloquence there is always a scope of improvement.

As Michael John Bobak has quoted, “To stop learning is to stop growing. Always remain teachable.”

If you learn continuously, it will make you better than the ordinary makes you look different, plus you are doing the tough job to improvise continuously.

But, with these tips and tricks, you can always learn more and go to a higher level where you can become the person who shines in the outer world.

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