11 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools

Gone are the days when you had to struggle to find someone to scan and check your copy for possible errors before submitting your summer project or that important essay contest entry.

Today, for any and every content reviewing need of yours, you have the best of Online English Grammar checker Tools available to you at the click of a mouse button.

All these tools pull out grammar and spelling errors effortlessly lending quality and credibility to your written document, giving you peace of mind and also a private self-check moment as well.

Grammarly is the Grammar checker Tool website that’s leading the pack here clearly, and the rest of the prominent ones include Ginger, polish my writing, Spellchecker.net, Online Correction, etc. covered in this write-up.

Some of arguably the best online software that free writing of grammar errors and spelling mistakes available online are cited below:

1. Grammarly

Validated and reviewed by several noted publications of the world (such as Forbes) as a tool that makes you a better writer and showing up 10 times more mistakes than an average word processor, Grammarly rules the roost as far as the world of Online English Grammar checker Tools is concerned.

It outweighs any other tool simply on the strength of the product.

This software can be deployed on one’s browser (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) after a successful download from the website Grammarly.com.

In this way the software becomes inbuilt into everything – your Gmail, word doc, etc. and corrects your piece of all grammatical and other errors, wherever you write.

It even goes to the extent in correcting correctly spelled words but placed in the wrong context, for example, of lose/loose, affect/effect, there/their/they’re, etc.

Other than that, it also gives you suggestions of a word to be used instead of weaker words to make a more impactful copy.

The website can also be used for the same purpose.

It covers up to 250 different types of grammatical errors.

Grammarly is also available in an Add-In format for Microsoft Word and Outlook.

2. GingerSoftware

Ginger, another grammar checker in this category, is available both online and as a downloadable software.

It is quite popular amongst its users and has several interesting features such as sentence rephraser, English trainer, translation and text reader.

Users swear by its precision to remove errors like contextual spelling correction, misused word correction, etc.

3. Polish My Writing

The service is available on the website “polishmywriting.”

Here one can simply paste one’s article or start writing in the box given and then submit to watch out for corrections marked.

You can even click further to read on the detailed remark on a underlined spelling error, a grammar tip, or style suggestion.

The website is user-friendly with a simple and easy to navigate user interface.

4. Spellchecker.net

The website Spellchecker.net is yet another instant language correction tool that helps the copy get rid of spelling errors and all the inappropriate words that are not grammatically correct.

You even get an antonym search available on this one.

5. Online Correction

Available on Onlinecorrection.com, this tool is easy to access and checks for all your spelling and grammar errors.

There is a text box where you can place your write up.

This is a perfect website for you if you don’t want to waste your time on heavy sites.

The tool points out your spelling, diction, and grammar errors with markings in different colors.

6. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a cut above the rest from the aforementioned tools.

Why, because it not only checks your copy for spellings and grammar but also on plagiarism (however it is plagiarism check is for premium members only).

It is a tool that’ll satisfy you at many levels and proofread your copy in the complete sense of the word and great for professional writers, bloggers, and students.

7. Grammarcheck.me

Grammarcheck.me is easy to use grammar check tool online.

Additional to that, this website features knowledge oriented blog posts, such as “How to write an Academic research paper”, “Parts of Speech”, “Writing effective memos” etc.

It has various formatting options also available as part of its editing suite.

8. Language Tool

Available for multiple languages, this language correction software is a free and open source tool.

It makes your copy error free in terms of grammar and spellings.

9. GrammarBase

This tool, available on a light and easy to use website Grammarbase.com, will help you with dyslexia mistakes too, apart from the regular spellings, grammar checker, and corrector.

10. Reverso

This online software tool has the facility of spell checks apart from the facility to translate text in many different languages.

It also has an audio guide that tells the oral pronunciation of the text as per the native speaker of the language.

One can sign up on this website via Facebook.

11. Small SEO Tools

Last but not the least, what clearly deserves mention is SmallSEOTools. This is a website that has a wide range of features such as plagiarism check (it’s free!), grammar and spelling check, and several others.

The service is quick and excellent owing to a light user interface.

Overall a great experience as the authenticity of the piece is also validated with a free of cost plagiarism check, apart from the language checks.

Final Words…

Every language keeps evolving with time.

This is all the more true for the English language as it is used by billions of people around the world.

Every year thousands of words and expressions are added to the language.

Your language checker, no matter how good, will be limited in its repertoire of words.

There may be some words that may not be necessarily in its word bank.

Hence it advisable to use all these tools and consider their acumen with a pinch of salt.

Go with your intuition if you are confident about a specific marked error which you think is not an error.

And to begin with, it is advisable to start your journey with Grammarly to give your language a solid boost in quality and practice.

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